What to do at Blue Mountain in Summer?

The Blue Mountains is a stunning region of rugged beauty. The Blue Mountains has a rich history and offers an abundance of activities for visitors. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your time there during this season.

Blue Mountains, Australia

The Blue Mountains is a mountainous region in New South Wales, Australia. It is approximately a two-hour drive from Sydney and is part of the Great Dividing Range. The Blue Mountains are considered one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

The name comes from the haze that often hangs over them and gives them their blue appearance. The haze is caused by eucalyptus trees, making it more difficult for sunlight to penetrate through layers of leaves below, causing partial reflection.

Summers at Blue Mountain

If you’re visiting Blue Mountain during the summer months, you might be wondering what there is to do. Summers are typically warm, with temperatures ranging from 15-25 degrees Celsius, and this is a popular time of year for visitors to the area. The main attractions at Blue Mountain are open year-round, so you can still enjoy them in summer. If you’d like to visit the gardens or caves during your trip, we recommend doing so during the morning or late afternoon when crowds are smaller and temperatures cooler.

What can you do at blue mountain in the summer?

1.  Ride the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus

Lyrebird Pass Hop On Hop Off
Lyrebird Pass Hop On Hop Off

The Blue Mountains Explorer Bus is an easy way to get around the Blue Mountains. It’s a one-hour ride that takes you through scenic spots, including the Katoomba Scenic World and Scenic World Skyway. There are also plenty of stops along the way, so you can hop off to explore your surroundings!

The Blue Mountains are part of the Great Dividing Range, so you’ll see dramatic rock formations, waterfalls, and lush greenery along the way. You can choose between walking or hiking trails depending on your preference and fitness level.

A one-hour tour costs just $29, and an explorer pass costs $49 per person.

2.  A summertime Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Price Henry Cliff Walk in Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia
Prince Henry Cliff Walk In Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk is a 7-kilometre walk and is perfect in summers.

If you’re looking for scenic views, this walk will not disappoint. You’ll see The Three Sisters, Mount Solitary, and other famous landmarks in Blue Mountains National Park.

The trail also offers some great vantage points over Jamison Valley and Grose Valley, including Scenic World Lookout – one of our favourite spots on the route!

3.  A sparkling summer day at Scenic World

Top Station at Scenic World in Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia
Scenic World in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia

Scenic World is a tourist attraction in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. It is a private theme park in Australia.

Scenic World's Railway Track in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia
Scenic World’s Railway Track in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia

The park features attractions such as the Scenic Railway (a rack railway), cableway, and gondolas to ascend mountainside cliffs. The Skyway cable car ride also provides panoramic views from above Katoomba Falls.

4.  A stroll through Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens

Mt Tomah Botanic Garden Blue Mountains Australia
Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, Blue Mountains, Australia

A great place to go for a picnic, the Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens is a fantastic destination for families, couples, and nature lovers alike. The gardens encompass more than 28 hectares and offer plenty of space for those who enjoy a good walk in the fresh air.

For something more challenging, try a walk or nature trail around—both offer spectacular views over Katoomba and surrounding areas while providing ample opportunities to let off steam in summer!

5.  An adventurous hike to Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains, Australia
Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, Australia

Jenolan Caves is a limestone cave system located in the Blue Mountains. They are estimated to be about 340 million years old!

Jenolan Caves is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as an extension to the Greater Blue Mountains Area.

Try to visit the Lucas cave here. A summer hike down to the caves is perfect for testing your adventurous nerves.

6.  Challenge yourself with the Leura Cascades Fern Bower circuit trek

Leura Cascades
Leura Cascades

This challenging track leads you into the most beautiful rainforest parts and to the most scenic viewpoints. You’ll come across fantastic waterfalls and a splendrous view of the Jamison valley

7.  Hike to Echo Point for a breathtaking view

Echo Point Lookout
Echo Point Lookout

Echo Point is a lookout on the Great Western Highway, west of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It provides views over the Jamison Valley and is an excellent place to see the Three Sisters, three peaks named for their resemblance to sisters.

The best time to visit Echo Point is in summer when it’s not too hot but still warm enough for hiking.

8.  Walk down a trail to Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls
Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is a waterfall on the Kedumba River in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia. The falls are located in the Blue Mountains National Park.

The waterfall is accessible by walking trails from the Scenic Railway or Echo Point Lookout. The walk involves some steep sections of stairs with handrails provided for safety reasons. On reaching Katoomba Falls, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of this beautiful natural wonder and close enough for some great photo opportunities!

Traveller’s tips before visiting Blue Mountains Sydney

  • Make sure your phone is charged.
  • Pack a sweater or jacket, even in summer—it can get chilly at night!
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen—you’ll want it for your walks here.
  • Bring water with you. You’ll be hiking and climbing, so you’ll want to stay hydrated!
  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be hiking uphill for most of the day, so make sure your shoes are up for the task.
  • Finally, bring snacks like nuts or dried fruit with you. It’s easy to get hungry while enjoying nature and exploring new places!


With all these things to do in Blue Mountain, it’s no surprise that many people come here to enjoy the summer.

It’s worth coming here if you have time or just a day off. If you plan on going during this time of year, make sure you take advantage of all the available activities because there are so many options for everyone!

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