When Does It Snow In Melbourne?

When does it snow in Melbourne? The real answer is that it doesn’t.

Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city, and it has no shortage of things to see and do. It’s a hub for culture and entertainment, so it’s no surprise that millions of tourists visit each year. When planning your trip, one question that may pop into your mind is: When does it snow in Melbourne? Luckily, this article will answer exactly that!

Does It Snow In Melbourne?

Melbourne’s climate is perfect for all types of activities. There are a few days when you can’t go outside and enjoy yourself because it’s too hot or cold. And if it’s rainy, there’s no need to worry because the rain will pass quickly and you’ll be able to go outside again!

But one thing that doesn’t exist in Melbourne? Snow.

The answer to the question, “Does it snow in Melbourne?” is a resounding “no.”

Melbourne is a temperate city with a humid climate and cool temperatures. The average temperature in Melbourne ranges between 15°C (59°F) and 25°C (77°F).

How Is the Climate In Melbourne?

Melbourne is a temperate oceanic climate city that has four distinct seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The hottest months are December through February, and the coldest months are June through August. While temperatures do drop below freezing in the winter months (June to August), snowfall is rare. However, if you plan on visiting during this time, you should be prepared for some chilly weather.

  • December to February (summer)
  • March to May (autumn)
  • June to August (winter)
  • September to November (spring).

Here is the detailed expected weather average report for each month in Melbourne.

YearlyTemp ( °C)
 Average MonthlyAverage Monthly

What Was The Last Snow In Melbourne?

The last time it snowed in Melbourne was in the snowstorm of 2005, 17 years ago. Before that, it snowed once in 1986, 35 years after the snowfall in 1951. It has only snowed thrice in the last 70 years in Melbourne.

Where To See Snow In Melbourne?

If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne and wondering where it snows, you’re in luck. Melbourne is a city that experiences snow in the mountains, but it’s not very common for snow to fall on the city itself. The city has plenty of spots close by where the snow falls from the sky, and we’re here to tell you about some of the best!

Melbourne is not known for its snow, and it’s known more for its beaches and sunshine. But if you look just right, there are some places in Melbourne where you can see snow.

The most reliable place for seeing snow at least once a year is in the high country of Victoria. For example, Falls Creek and Mt Hotham get snow each winter (usually in July and August). The closes place to see snow in Melbourne is Lake Mountain which is just a 2-hour drive from Melbourne. There’s no better way to feel like you’re in a winter wonderland than by seeing snow. If you’re in Melbourne and looking for a place to see snow, Mt Donna Buang is the place to go and is just 80 Km away. Some close-by places where you can see snow are:

1. Mount Buller

Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia In Winter
Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia in Winter

First, let’s talk about Mount Buller, located about 3 hours from Melbourne. It’s one of the highest peaks in Victoria. Not only does this mean that it snows up there, but it also means that there are plenty of trails for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.

Mount Buller is a town in Victoria that has received plenty of attention from skiers and snowboarders worldwide. You can find several hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, a mountain bike park, walking trails, and cross-country skiing areas.

2. Falls Creek

When does it snow in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia?
When does it snow in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia?

Another excellent spot for snow is Falls Creek, which is about 4.5 hours (357km) away from Melbourne. The town has ski resorts and plenty of activities for families, including sleigh rides, tubing, and ice-skating on an outdoor rink. Snuggled up inside one of its cozy log lodges, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of snow without freezing your fingers off.

3. Mt Hotham

Mount Hotham Winter Landscape
Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia Winter Landscape

The third place to go if you’re looking for snow is Mt Hotham which is a 4.5-hour drive from Melbourne.

Mt Hotham is one of the most popular places to go skiing in Australia; this mountain offers excellent views of the Australian Alps and offers various terrain. There are also plenty of shops and cafes where you can grab a hot drink or lunch while you’re there!

When Does It Snow In Melbourne?

It does not snow in Melbourne, but it does snow in the mountains and peaks between June and early October. Though, it is the best time to enjoy the snow from July through August.

Why Is There No Snow In Melbourne?

First, let’s take a look at the climate zones of Australia. You can see that most of Australia has a temperate climate, while the southern regions are tropical.

The lack of snow in Melbourne is likely due to its location at sea level and proximity to the equator (latitude). While it’s true that some parts of Australia experience snowfall during the winter, it’s generally limited to higher elevations.

Final Thoughts

So, let’s sum this up. First of all, Melbourne is not a place where you can expect to see snow unless you’re living on the top of a mountain. It’s not like it never snows here; instead, there are minimal occurrences when it has. Second, if you want to know when the next time will be, keep an eye out for these signs: cold temperatures combined with low humidity and wind from the southeast or southwest direction.