Best time to visit Port Douglas

Located on the coastline of Queensland, Port Douglas is a beautiful coastal town, which is also a getaway to UNESCO’s world heritage sites, The Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. Port Douglas is one of Australia’s popular tourist destinations because of a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is it is close to The Great Barrier Reef and is a laidback town with a number of hip cafés and bars. Port Douglas is home to man world-class properties as well as mid-range hotels for tourists to stay at, who travel from all around the world.

Best Time to Visit Port Douglas

Port Douglas mainly has two seasons, which are the winter and summer seasons.

1. Winter Season (Dry Season)

  • The winter season at Port Douglas falls from June to September and the average temperature during this season remains around 25 degrees.  
  • The temperature begins to fall and there is relatively less rainfall. The weather is very pleasant to travel around and take a dip at the beaches, snorkeling and sunbathing. This season is considered the best time to visit Port Douglas.
  • Also, this is the time when schools and institutions are closed for winter vacations, so you will notice a swarm of tourists during this period of time.
  • If you decide to travel to Port Douglas during the winter season, make sure that you do all your booking right before in advance so that you get the best of deals.
  • This is the best season to visit The Great Barrier Reef, because there are very less chances of rainfall and therefore the water remains clear, making it favourable for all oceanic adventures.

2. Summer Season (Wet Season)

  • The summer season or the wet season at Port Douglas falls from October to March and the average temperature recorded during this time is 30 degrees.
  • You can expect warm nights and increased rainfall during this time.
  • Since Port Douglas is a coastal town, you will see a variety of exotic fruits in the local markets, that are held every weekend.
  • The summer season is also called the stringer season because the box jellyfish and Irukandji jellyfish start swarming the ocean water, which can make the ocean water unfit for swimming and might cause harm to humans. Therefore, the tourists and locals are advised to swim only within the enclosed parts of the beaches and with stringer suits.
  • Many people also prefer to visit Port Douglas during the festive season, which is December. You will find hotels, restaurants, and cafés running exciting deals and offers. There are also a number of events happening that make the town buzzing.

What is the high season in Port Douglas?

The months of June, July, and August are considered the high season of Port Douglas. During these months, the weather is most pleasant and is most preferred by the tourists. The average temperature remains to be 25 degrees, along with occasional showers. The water is clear during this time and it allows you to see the barrier reef clearly.

What is the Low season in Port Douglas?

The months from October to December are considered the low seasons of Port Douglas. Also known as the wet season of the year, there is an increase in the downpour during this time, and the likelihood of cyclones or big thunderstorms is very high. Also, the Box jellyfish and Irukandji jellyfish take over the beach and other waterbodies, which makes it difficult for the tourists and local people to perform water activities.

Is Port Douglas too hot in summer?

Port Douglas is a coastal town, that records an average temperature of a maximum of 30 degrees during the summers, which means Port Douglas is neither too hot nor too cold. Keeping the temperature in mind, one can visit Port Douglas any time of the year.

Port Douglas Weather around the Year

Port Douglas is a tropical paradise that offers visitors some of the best weather in Australia. The region has a mild oceanic climate, with plenty of sunshine and rainfall. The city has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (81 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout most of the year, making it ideal for all-year-round visiting.

The weather in Port Douglas is quite predictable and there are only a few days when you might need an umbrella or raincoat. From the table below, you can get an idea of what to expect and what time will be best for your visit to Port Douglas.

MonthMax TempMin TempHumidity
January (Hottest)30.323.776

Best Time To Visit according to your Planned Activities

1. Best Swimming Season

Kitesurfing at Sunset
Kitesurfing At Sunset

Port Douglas has some of the best swimming water in Australia, with pristine beaches and clear waters. The Ocean water temperatures range from 23 degrees Celsius in July to 29 degrees Celsius in February. Thus, you can swim all year round on its beaches.

However, the best time to swim at Port Douglas is from April to October. This is because the water temperature is pleasant, and there are no jellyfish. Port Douglas is home to the box jellyfish from November to March, so you can swim only at the special swimming enclosures erected at famous beaches to protect swimmers.

2. Best Time to Spot the Whales

The best time to see whales in Port Douglas is during the migration season, which runs from May to October. Whales are drawn to Port Douglas as it’s a good place for them to rest, feed, and mate. The shallow waters around the Great Barrier Reef are perfect for mothers nursing their babies, while the deeper waters provide plenty of food.

If you really want to see whales close up, then head out on one of the many whale-watching tours available in Port Douglas. These tours will take you out into the open ocean where you can spot humpback whales, dolphins, and crocodiles!

3. Best Time to engage in activities

The best time to visit Port Douglas is from May through August if you wish to engage in different activities. This is the dry season in the area and it is also when most of the activities are available. This is the best time for snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and cycling as well as taking a tour on a hot air balloon.

4. How many days do you need in Port Douglas?

It depends on the time and budget you have. Generally, 2-5 days are considered enough for a small town like Port Douglas, but some people who want to relax and rejuvenate might extend their stay up to a couple of weeks.

Things to do in Port Douglas

From breathtaking views to lively cafes, the town of Port Douglas has much to offer its tourists. Check this post for a list of things you can enjoy while staying at Port Douglas.