Things To Do In Palm Cove For Free

If you want to refresh your mind and be at peace with yourself, Palm Cove in far north Queensland is your spot. Palm Cove’s natural beauty is a sight to behold. Visitors to this prized tropical region often savour their time chilling on the beach under a swaying palm tree.

Are you wondering what else to do in Palm Cove for free? Perfect, keep reading our article and find exciting things to do at the beach without spending a single dollar.

Top 8 Things to do at Palm Cove for Free:

1. Practice snorkelling:

Snorkelling practice
Snorkelling Practice

If you are visiting the far north of Queensland and not seeing the Great Barrier Reef, it’s not worth your visit. Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef is very famous, and if you want to be a pro at it or enjoy it, then you are at the best place. At Palm Cove, anyone can practice snorkelling without any charges. So develop your skills and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

2. Crystal Cascades:

Crystal Cascades, Far North Queensland, Australia
Crystal Cascades

This is a bit of a secret, but we will share it with our readers to make their vacation wholesome. A short 40 mins walk to the beach south will take you to the crystal cascades, a beautiful formation of granite boulders, and the creeks filled with water and tumbling cascades. It is a location worth visiting if you have some time on your hands.

3. Walk Down The Palm Cove Jetty

Palm Cove Jetty at sunrise
Watch The Sunrise On Palm Cove Jetty

You can enjoy a night walk down the Palm Cove Jetty, which gives you the holiday feels! You can even see people fishing tongs, waiting to catch a mackerel.

4. Chill at the beach:

Stretch your legs and look out towards the clear white sky. Enjoy the look of the beautiful coral sea and Palm cove at your leisure and have a wholesome experience.

5. Ideal picnic spot:

Pack your baskets, spread a blanket, and this beach will give you the ethereal experience of an ideal picnic spot with the water in front, a clear sky above, and a light breeze constantly caressing your skin.

6. BBQ at the Esplanade

Joggers Track At Williams Esplande
Jogger’s track at William’s Esplanade.

A windy evening on the beach with an uninterrupted view of the coral reefs makes it an ideal location for a BBQ party. Bring down your family and have a beautiful evening.

7. Barron Falls

Barrons Falls
Barron’s Falls

One of North Queensland’s most famous lookouts, it takes 35 minutes to reach the Barron Gorge National park via taxi from Palm cove. A quick hike from there will take you to the magnificent Barron falls.

8. Rest and Relax:

Palm cove offers you the best condition to relax and refresh your minds off every stress. It gives you that refreshing feeling without extra charges other than your travelling cost, and you will undoubtedly get refreshed.

It is clear that you can still enjoy a lot of places even without paying a penny. Palm Cove gives you that opportunity to explore further without having to pay everywhere. Choose from the wide variety of options listed in this post.

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