What To Do In Coolangatta?

Located on Gold Coast’s southernmost coastal suburb bordering New South Wales, Coolangatta is a historic area in Australia on the north shore of the Shoalhaven River.

Have you chosen Coolangatta as your vacation destination this year? Then this article is undoubtedly for you because we will help you find out what you can do, where you can visit, and the most prominent tourist spots in Coolangatta.

What makes Coolangatta beach the best beach?

When it comes to beaches, Coolangatta beach is one of the best. It has everything you could wish for. The water is clear and clean, and there are plenty of activities on or near the beach. Once you visit Coolangatta, you will be enticed and enveloped by the old-school beachside charm. This fantastic feeling is combined with oceanfront accommodation, cafes, restaurants, and clubs.

The water is perfect for swimming or snorkelling, especially during low tide when you can walk out quite far before getting into deeper water. If you prefer not to go into deep waters, then there are plenty of shallow areas where you can stand up and have fun without getting your feet wet at all! There are also many places nearby where you can participate in various water sports such as jet skiing or banana boating (a boat that usually has six passengers). If you don’t like vigorous activities, sit back and relax.

Is Coolangatta an affordable Queensland holiday destination for families?

Yes, Coolangatta is an affordable holiday destination. There are many great things to do and see in Coolangatta that won’t cost you a lot of money.

Is Coolangatta in Queensland or New South Wales?

Yes, Coolangatta is a coastal suburb in the City of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It’s the southernmost suburb of the Gold Coast along the Queensland and New South Wales border.

Most exciting places to visit at Coolangatta

1. Gold Coast Wax Museum

Gold Coast Wax Museum
Gold Coast Wax Museum

Your trip to Coolangatta will be a waste if you don’t travel to the centre of the Gold Coast, the Surfers Paradise. It is just a thirty-minute drive, and you will not regret spending your time.

The Gold Coast Wax Museum displays over 110 wax sculptures of various famous faces and dioramas. The sad part is that it isn’t explored much, so do put it on your list and check the spot out. The art pieces had been beautifully and carefully curved out by experienced artists and displayed for the audience.

2. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

You’re mistaken if you think we are talking about a typical zoo. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is less than 10 minutes from Coolangatta and gives you a hands-on wildlife experience.

What makes this sanctuary different is the allowance they give their visitors to cuddle a koala, get up close to a crocodile, and hand-feed reptiles, birds, and marsupials. The park relies on financial support from visitors, so any help from an individual is more than welcome.

This sanctuary even allows visitors to adopt an animal at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with Koala starting at just $99 a year. But you cannot take the animal back home, but you’ll be able to see your money being used for the sanctuary’s development and conserving the animal you just adopted.

3. Snapper Rocks

Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland

This is a popular beach area with many restaurants, shops, and cafes nearby! You can also walk along the beachfront path or surf (if you’re brave enough)! This iconic spot is located on the northern Point Danger. The surf breaks created by Snapper Rocks are iconic, and it has become one of the most important tourist spots on the Gold Coast and the most demanded spot for every photographer.

4. Kirra Hill and Beach

Kirra Hill and Beach, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Kirra Hill and Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

The beach here is spectacular, and the lookout on the nearby Hill is the perfect place to grab that fantastic holiday snap.

Few places even allow the hikers to trek away from the white sand into the dense forest and explore the wilderness. The Kirra precinct offers this and much more.

5. Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is located at Point Danger, which marks the border between New South Wales and Queensland. The Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse used helium-neon laser light technology, becoming the first of its kind worldwide. But then, this helium-neon laser technology was later replaced with traditional lighthouse lamp lighting.

What can you do in Coolangatta?

  • Surf, swim, or bask on the beautiful beaches of Coolangatta.
  • Climb Fingal Head to Fingal Head Lighthouse.
  • Stroll along the  “Walk on Water Walking” track, and don’t forget to visit the Minjungbal Aboriginal Cultural Centre.
  • Go scuba diving, snorkelling with the turtles, and diving with the whales and sharks.
  • Feed rainbow lorikeets, kangaroos, and emus and interact with other Australian wildlife at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Explore Australia’s surf heritage at Surf World.
  • Walk to Point Danger Lookout and visit the Capital Cook Memorial. From this vantage point, you can watch the surfers at Duranbah Beach, spot whales and dolphins, and enjoy the coastal vista. On a fine day, there are views from Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay.
  • Get close to dolphins and whales on a whale and dolphin watching tour.
  • Day Trip to Surfers Paradise
  • Day Trip to Springbrook National Park
  • Go South to Byron Bay

List of things to do in Coolangatta at night

You can visit or even take a look at:

  • Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinema,
  • The Surf Club Coolangatta,
  • Coolangatta & Tweed Heads Golf Club and
  • The Strand Coolangatta dining precinct.


If you have been in search of such a beach that would make you feel like you are in paradise, then Coolangatta is undoubtedly for you. Millions of visitors gather to this beautiful place every year to enjoy its magnificence and thrilling nightlife. Nature lovers get their utmost thrill as they get to swim and surf here. For those who love beautiful views and incredible sunsets, Coolangatta is undoubtedly for you. The area has everything you could ever want in a holiday destination. It is modern yet peaceful, which would take you away from the world of tension for a while.

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